Shade Nets

Experience the power of shade with Shade Nets offered by Econet Industries which guarantees protection from sunlight and harsh surrounding conditions. These nets are made from virgin HDPE granules and are added with UV stabilizers to ensure long durability and efficiency. Shade Nets are offered in various shade factors, such as: 50%, 75%, 90%, etc. and also in various sizes as per the customer’s needs and market ongoing demands.

Safety Nets/Construction Nets

Econet Industries offers high durability and all weather resistant safety nets / construction nets which provide safe haven from debris, and other harmful conditions in high maintenance areas. These nets are 100% Virgin HDPE granules based to ensure efficiency along with durability and is treated with UV stabilizers to guarantee long lasting product.

Domestic Usage Nets

Our separate division at Econet Industries focuses and monitors on the needs and wants of our customers to use our products for their lifestyle improvement needs or for any other domestic usage and hence offers a wide range of products respectively. These nets undergo an additional heat treatment to give them a rich enhanced look which is pleasing to our customers’ daily routine yet promising strength and efficiency along with.

Anti Hail Nets

Hail is a form of solid frozen rain which fall in showers during monsoon or sometimes even in winter season. Anti Hail Nets are the most effective, economical and practical way to protect crops and other areas from hail. Anti Hail Nets are particularly used for protection of crops which grow in a cool environment such as grapes, apples, pears, tomatoes, etc. These nets are manufactured and designed to protect the crops from hail damages.

Decorative Nets

Sold under our RAINBOW brand, these nets are colourful and bright as the brand name - RAINBOW justifies. These nets mainly caterer the needs of our customers who are interested in variety and mixture of colours we offer. These nets too come with highly durable long lasting material to ensure customer satisfaction.